“Literature at school” is a peer-reviewed scientific and methodological journal, leading its history since 1914. The journal publishes articles on russian and foreign classical and modern literature, theory of literature and folklore, literature for children and adolescents, problems of reading and literary education, theory and methods of teaching literature, as well as analysis of the experience of the best teachers. Special attention is paid to modern approaches to the study of literature in secondary and higher schools, forms of cooperation between teachers and students in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

All articles are peer-reviewed. The decision on publication is made on the basis of positive conclusions of reviewers about the presence of scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance of the presented material, its originality and compliance with the problems of the journal.

Articles reflecting the main results of scientific research, as well as scientific reviews, reviews of monographs, reference, educational and methodical literature are accepted for publication.

ISSN 0130-3414

Publication frequency: 6 times a year.

Pages: 128.

Subscription index in the main catalog of “Pressa Rossii” – 73227.

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Victor F. Chertov