Victor F. Chertov

Victor F. Chertov, Head of the Methods of Teaching Literature Department, Institute of Philology, Moscow Pedagogical State University, Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy) (1996), Professor (1999).

Chairman of the Dissertation Council D 212.154.08, as well as a member of the Dissertation Councils D 212.154.10 and D 212.154.15, established on the basis of the Moscow Pedagogical State University.

Graduated from the faculty of History and Philology of the Barnaul State Pedagogical Institute (1975), postgraduate studies at the Department of Methods of Teaching Literature of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after V. I. Lenin (1984).

F. Chertov – a prominent specialist in the History of Literary Education, Theory and Methods of Teaching Literature, Head of the Scientific school of V. V. Golubkov “Theoretical bases of teaching literature in middle and high school”, one of the authors of the first teaching materials for the teaching of literature (tutorial, workshop, reader), established in 1999 within the framework of this scientific school. He consistently implements in his scientific activity a comparative-historical approach to the study of problems of theory and methods of teaching literature, which is reflected in his publications and in the works of his students, including in a solid biobibliographic dictionary “Methods of teaching literature. Personalities “(2018).

Under his scientific supervision, 15 candidate theses were defended, and with scientific advice – 4 doctoral theses.

The results of V. F. Chertov’s research are reflected in more than 250 publications: 5 monographs, including collective ones; textbooks and manuals; collections of materials of scientific conferences; training programs on the theory and methodology of teaching literature for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, as well as scientific articles.

F. Chertov – lead author and responsible editor of textbooks on literature for grades 5-11 included in the Federal list of textbooks. For many years he gives lectures and conducts seminars for literature teachers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Barnaul, Belgorod, Kaluga, Taganrog, Yaroslavl, etc., as well as in Varna (Bulgaria), Baku (Azerbaijan), Hamburg (Germany), Rome (Italy), etc.


Victor F. Chertov